English Language Education Centre

The world today is more intimately connected than before. As communities and countries converge on a global platform, it is undeniable that technology affords greater connectivity, and connections enhance connectivity. Cultural and national boundaries have become less distinct, along with the generational shift in home language.

Against this backdrop of an increasingly fluid and competitive international environment, a strong proficiency in English will set the individual ahead of his peers, as well as enable him to engage with diverse communities beyond his home country.

Our Aim

Resting on the premise that English is the lingua franca of today’s knowledge-based economy, the English Language Education Centre (ELEC) aims to equip, enable, enhance and empower individuals with effective English language skills to excel in their academic endeavors, and to be active participants in the increasingly seamless global landscape.  

ELEC takes a proactive step in facilitating language learning and creating a safe and positive environment that embraces the potential of each learner and empowers him to be his best.

By seeking to recognize and hear the voice of the individual learner, the centre hopes to design an exceptional learning experience that meets his expectations. As a language support centre, ELEC envisions a collaborative community where students can engage and communicate effectively in English, which is the vital link that connects cultures and continents. This would undoubtedly place Xiamen University Malaysia at the forefront of language training and learning.

Our Vision

To be an innovative leader in English language education and training.

Our Mission

To facilitate language learning through a holistic, immersive and interactive experience that empowers students to be competent and confident users of the English language.

Our Approach

An integrated approach that fosters active learning and appreciation of the language where individuals connect meaningfully in a diverse yet inclusive environment.