Research & Innovation

Research and Innovation at XMUM are represented by the Research and Postgraduate Center (RPC) and the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) as administrative support centers for the university. We facilitate and celebrate the achievements of our researchers, postgraduate students and research fellows.

We look to engage and collaborate with the wider community and stakeholders who are on par with us in pursuing excellence and striving for perfection in the field of higher education teaching and learning in all areas of research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Research leadership takes time, effort and resilience. Now eight years on, Xiamen University presents outstanding achievements in its research and innovation exploits at its first offshore campus at Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM). Supporting its research and innovation ecosystem is the committed researcher-driven administrative staff and the sense of purpose mindset of exemplary academics in their respective fields of specialization. Each delivering excellence within their research expertise in achievements, outputs, outcomes and impact, not compromising on its academic teaching pursuits. Collaboration, strong fundamental knowledge and emphasis to the details are the core factors for such achievements.

Our centers of excellence are:
1. Center of Excellence for Nano Energy & Catalysis Technology (CONNECT)
2. Center of Excellence for Light Enabling Technologies (Kelip-Kelip!)

Our research areas and groups are:
1. Traditional Chinese Medicine
2. Chinese Studies & Culture
3. Data Science and Optimization
4. Marine Sciences
5. Creative, Interactive & Immersive Media
6. Energy Conversion & Storage
7. Blockchain, Internet of Things and Networking
8. Cyber Security
9. Management & Entrepreneurship
10. Maths & Physics

We are glad to highlight our achievements and we continue our progress for excellence in the areas of research and innovation.

Connect with us and drop us a message for more information or to submit your research and innovation related news, please refer to this guidelines or feel free to contact the RPC and IEC teams.

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Research & Innovation