Frequently Asked Questions

A. About Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM)

• What is the background of XMUM?

Upon the invitation of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education, Xiamen University (XMU) accepted the offer and thus, XMUM was established. We began in earnest to build our first offshore campus in Malaysia and became the pioneer university from China to establish a branch campus in Malaysia.

• What is the main focus of XMUM?

Xiamen University Malaysia aspires to become a university with a distinct global outlook, featuring first-class teaching and research, and embracing cultural diversity. It is committed to nurturing young talents with dignity and wisdom, helping them become responsible, steadfast members of society who will be able to contribute to the people, as well as to the social progress of Malaysia, China and Southeast Asia.

• What is the motto of XMUM?
The motto of XMUM is "Pursuing Excellence, Striving for Perfection".

• How is XMUM’s parent university –XMU ranked in China, Asia and globally?

XMU, founded in 1921 by Mr. Tan Kah Kee, was the first Chinese higher educational institution established by an overseas Chinese. According to The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016, XMU is ranked 9th among more than 2000 universities in China. In "2016 Best Global Universities Rankings" published by US News, XMU is ranked 37th in Asia and 275th globally.

• Where is XMUM located?

XMUM is located at Jalan Sunsuria, Bandar Sunsuria, Sepang, only a 5-minute drive from ERL Salak Tinggi, a 10-minute drive from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, and a 15-minute drive from the Government Administrative Center - Putrajaya.

• How is the campus of XMUM?

XMUM has a purpose-built campus occupying an area of 150 acres with an estimated total investment of RM 1.3 billion. The maximum capacity of the campus is 10,000 students.

• What are the facilities available to students?
XMUM is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, such as multimedia lecture halls, seminar rooms, tutorial rooms, multi-purpose student activity center with Olympic-sized swimming pool, gym, library, and labs.

B. About Teaching & Learning

• What are the programmes offered? What are the most popular programmes of XMUM?
Each programme is endowed with its own merits and students have the liberty to choose the programmes that piques their interests. For more information about programmes, click

• How many semesters are there in each academic year?
There are three semesters per academic year for all programmes. As for the academic calendar, please refer to:

• What is the medium of instruction?
Except for some Chinese Studies and Traditional Chinese Medicine courses conducted in Chinese, all the other programmes will be delivered in English.

• Where are the teaching faculty from?

About 30% of our professors are from Xiamen University in China while the rest of the faculty are recruited from around the globe. 80% of our academic staff are doctoral degree holders. 

• Are the programmes at XMUM recognised internationally?

Yes, all the programmes offered are recognised internationally, with dual accreditation by both the Malaysian and Chinese governments.

• Are the foundation programmes of other colleges recognised by XMUM?
Yes, we recognise foundation programmes of other institutions approved by MOHE Malaysia. Admission is subject to a stringent internal evaluation process.

• What do students need to do if they want to transfer credits of their previous studies?

Students need to complete the Credit Transfer Application Form, provide transcripts and detailed syllabi of their previous studies for us to make assessment. Only when the similarity of the two courses reaches 80% can credit transfer be considered. In such case, students may exempt qualified courses and gain corresponding fee waiver. The application for credit transfer will only be processed after the students have been admitted to XMUM.

• How long does it take to complete a degree?

The duration for bachelor degree programmes of arts, management and economics is three years while it takes four years to complete the engineering and science degree progammes. The traditional Chinese medicine programme is 5-year in length.

• What is the average class size?
About 20 - 40 students per class.

• What is the teacher /student ratio like?
We have a teacher student ratio of 1: 15 for core courses.

• Could student re-sit the final examination or do they have to repeat a course?

Re-sit is only allowed for quarantined students (with Dengue fever, COVID-19, etc.). These students have to submit a formal application together with supporting evidence to the Examination Board. If a student receives a ‘Fail’ grade in a course, it is compulsory to retake the same course except in cases when there is no requirement to do so. If a student attains a ‘Pass’ but would like to improve his or her grade, he or she may repeat the course once. Only the higher grade obtained in the two attempts will be used for the calculation of CGPA.

*No fee will be imposed for the first retake, but a fee will be charged for the second retake based on credit hours. One course can only be taken twice.

• How many credit hours do I need to complete for graduation?
The minimum credits for graduation vary for different programmes. Only when a student fulfils the minimum credits required and attains at least a CGPA of 2.0, can he or she be conferred a degree .

• Do students have opportunities to study abroad?

XMU has 28 schools and 76 departments, as well as over 300 foreign partner universities and colleges for exchange and cooperation, which provides students opportunities to carry out their internships or further their studies in China or other countries. The international recognition of qualification also ensures a solid start to a bright career for graduates.

C. About Application & Admission

• How to apply to study at XMUM?
To study here, the applicant can submit an online application, an email application or a paper application.
*For more details, click

• What is the entry requirement for each programme?

To be eligible for XMUM’s foundation programmes, the applicant needs to possess either of the following qualifications - SPM, O-level, etc. 

*For further details regarding entry requirement for undergraduate programmes, please clickhere

To be eligible for XMUM’s undergraduate programmes, the applicant needs to possess either of the following qualifications - STPM, UEC, matriculation, foundation, A-level, diploma, etc.

*For further details regarding entry requirement for undergraduate programmes, please click here

*For further details regarding entry requirement for postgraduate programmes, please click here

• How many intakes are there in one year?
For undergraduate programmes, the intakes are in February, April and September. For foundation programmes, the intakes are in April, August, and December. For postgraduate programmes, click here

• After gaining a letter of acceptance, what should an applicant do next?
The applicant needs to sign the Student Acceptance Slip and email the scanned copy or return the original copy to the Admissions Office. 

D. About Fees & Scholarship

• How much does a degree cost?

For tuition fees, please click here.

• Does XMUM provide any scholarships? What are the minimum requirements for receiving the scholarships?
Merit-based scholarships are available based on the academic achievements of students, Study grant are provided to students with siblings studying at XMUM or students whose parents are teachers. Please refer to the following website for more information:

E. About Accommodation

•  Is on-campus accommodation provided?
XMUM provides on-campus accommodation to all registered students. Students are encouraged to live in campus residences, as living on campus fosters a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie that develops into lifelong friendships, and facilitates participation in extra-curricular activities through various cultural, recreational and social programmes. For more information, please click here

•  How much is the rental?

The rental ranges from RM 340 to RM 390 per month. Each of the registered student who lives in the campus residences is required to pay a deposit of RM500 (refundable) together with one-semester rental upon check-in. 

  What security precautions does the University take on campus?
The hostel is guarded by security guards and is under 24 hour CCTV surveillance every day. We have also installed access controller for main entrances of each hostel block and students need to get through by their Student ID card. Unauthorized guests are barred from entering or staying in the compound of student hostels including rooms and communal areas.

  Do students need to observe any curfew regulation?
The curfew set for the residences is 12:00 am. Residents who wish to leave or return to the campus ground after 12:00 am must report at the guardhouse with their student IDs.

  Are there any laundry facilities available?
Yes, there is a laundry room on the ground floor of each block, providing high-efficiency and fully automatic washing machines and dryers. The machines are coin-operated (RM 4 per barrel).

  Are students allowed to stay in the hostel during semester breaks?
Yes, students can stay on campus during semester breaks.

  Do students need to bring their own cleaning supplies to clean their rooms?
Yes, students need to bring cleaning supplies, as they are responsible for the tidiness and cleanliness of their own bedrooms.

  Is mattress provided in the room?
Yes, we provide quality mattress. However, students need to bring their own pillows and other necessary bedding items.

  Is electric fan allowed to be used in the hostel room?
There is an air-conditioner in each room. If it is necessary, students may bring their own electric fan. 

F. About Daily Service & Support

• Is there a variety of food offered at XMUM canteen?
Yes, there are different vendors selling different types of food, catering to the different needs of students.

• What kind of sports facilities does XMUM provide?

We have indoor and outdoor basketball courts, an Olympic-sized football field, a track, a gymnasium, a table tennis room, a badminton court, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a gymnastic room, a martial arts room, a yoga room, etc.
Currently, all of the facilities above are free and accessible to all the staff and students.

• Are there any student insurance plans available?

XMUM purchases student personal accident insurance plan to provide adequate coverage for all the registered students. The personal accident insurance covers the cost of hospitalization. However, students need to pay the difference if the medical charges exceed the maximum coverage amount.

•  Where can students get medical assistance?

There are a few clinics and hospitals nearby. Clinics are usually open during office hours while hospital operates 24 hours a day. There is also on-demand medical care conveniently delivered to XMUM staff and students by appointment.

• In an event of an emergency, who should be contacted?

In an event of an emergency, students should call the 24-hour XMUM Emergency Helpline - 0193489999. They could also contact the police stations in Sepang, Dengkil and Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, by calling the numbers 03-31421222, 03-87686222 and 03-87774484 respectively.

• Are there counselling services available to students?

Yes, we have a counseling Center which provides a range of free and strictly confidential services to promote the intellectual, emotional, social growth and development of XMUM students. The range of services include Individual counselling, group counselling, psychological testing, etc. For more information, please visit the following website.