Call for Research Proposals for Xiamen University Malaysia Research Fund (XMUMRF) Cycle 14/2024

The Research and Postgraduate Centre (RPC) is pleased to announce the opening of application for the Xiamen University Malaysia Research Fund (XMUMRF), Cycle 14/2024, with the objective of promoting research activities across all disciplines at XMUM. All confirmed full-time XMUM staff (Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Senior Lecturer, Lecturer and Laboratory Officer only) with Ph.D. degrees or professional designations in accordance with the qualifying requirements and programme accreditation criteria are eligible to apply 

for XMUMRF as Principal Investigators. 

The closing date of this XMUMRF Cycle 14/2024 application is 13 May 2024 (Monday) at 12 noon

All the best with your applications.

XMUM is recruiting Graduate Student Research Assistants (GRAs) with allowance 

Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) is recruiting Graduate Student Research Assistants (GRAs) in various exciting fields of research under Project Leaders with outstanding, excellent research track and achievements. We are dedicated to produce high quality and high impact interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary world-class research that is recognized both nationally and internationally. We strive to provide diverse opportunities for students to develop scientific knowledge, as well as research and collaborative skills leading to new discoveries, inventions and policies and aim to produce well-rounded, independent researchers. 

For further details, please refer to the list of Project Leaders and research projects below. Interested candidates are welcome to contact the Project Leaders directly via email.


Project Leaders


Email Address

Research Interests

Details of Research   Project


Associate Professor Ir. Ts. Dr. Wong Shen Yuong

School of Electrical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Renewable Energy Generation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning



Assistant Professor Dr. Goh Sim KuanSchool of Electrical Engineering and Artificial, Brain-Computer Interface (BCI), Neural Signals, EEGpdf
3Dr. Norazira Binti Abdu RahmanCHINA-ASEAN College of Marine Biotechnology, Feed Additive, Antioxidant, Aquaculture, Stress Mechanismpdf
4Ms. Aufa Amalina KamarudinSchool of Economics and and corporate governancepdf
5Dr. Toh Moau YongSchool of Economics and finance, ESG, Corporate finance, Bankingpdf
6Dr. Mahdi H. MirazSchool of Computing and Data, Blockchain, HL7 Networkpdf
7Prof. Dr. Wang HanSchool of Electrical Engineering and Artificial Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Vision Systemspdf

Dr. Sabah Iftikhar

Department of Analysis and Optimization, Convex Analysis and Integral Inequalitiespdf

Research & Innovation