Scholarships & Financial Aid

Scholarships for Academic Year 2022
Merit Scholarships are offered in 2021 based on the academic achievements. [Detail]

Study Grants for Academic Year 2022

XMUM offers study grant to students with siblings studying at XMUM or students who are teachers' children. [Detail]
Scholarships and Study Grants for Academic Year 2021 - MBA program [Detail] 

Master of Arts in Chinese Studies - tuition fee and scholarship - local.pdf

MAT MSC Tuition Fee and Scholarship.pdf

MAT PHD Tuition Fee and Scholarship.pdf

MCE Fee structure and Scholarship.pdf

PCE Fee structure and Scholarship.pdf

Fee structure and Scholarship for Master in NESE.pdf

Fee structure and Scholarship for PhD in NESE.pdf

XMUM is recruiting Graduate Student Research Assistants with Allowance!!!