Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) encourages full utilization of its laboratories and research facilities, and supports students, researchers and laboratory staffs to make use of these research facilities for the purposes of research and innovation. These activities will certainly enrich research culture in XMUM, gaining staffs and students experience, as well as strengthen the collaborations between XMUM and researchers from various institutions.

The following guideline will asist to provide important aspects of these research activities, mitigate risks for all parties and provide clarity in terms of decisional authority and recommended practices. This guideline apply to all users, including XMUM students, staffs and researchers as well as researchers from other institutions that engaged in research and innovation activities in XMUM.

Decisional Authority

Application to use the laboratory working space and/or research facilities should be submitted to the Laboratory Center by affliated principal investigator or respective researcher(s). In the case of final year project, the respective academic supervisor should endorse the application form and shall be responsible for their student's laboratory activities. No student should be left unattended in the laboratory. Distance supervision will not be considered.  

A brief description outlining the nature of the laboratory work, required instrument/equipments, sample details and brief methodology flows shall be provided. The work will be evaluated for its suitability to be conducted in XMUM laboratory. Besides, additional info or clarification might be requested by the Laboratory Center if advance/complicated methodology involved.  

Training and Supervision

All applicants and users of laboratory working space and/or research facilities will be accessed for their experience in operating the instrument/equiments they requested. For fresh users, training on basic operation and maintenance of the requested instrument/equipments will be provided. After training, users will be evaluated before they are granted with permission to operate the instrument/equipments independently. If the users face any difficulty while operating the instrument/equipements, Laboratory Center shall be referred always.

Charges and Fees

Instrument Usage Fees

InstrumentInstrument charges as per sample injection (RM)
InternalExternal (Academic)External (non-Academic)
FTIR (KBr Mode)


FTIR (2D IR)80110165
TOC/TN (Liquid)7090110
TOC (Solid)110130165
Microwave digester
Flow Cytometry System
Freeze Dryer50/day80/day120/day

Note: For industry samples and services subscription, the charges will be vary as stated. Please drop an email to for further discussion. (price will be revised annually)

Operator Fee

If the applicant is solely or substantially rely on XMUM laboratory staff to operate the instrument, additional 20% will be iccurred as operator fee.

Training Fee

Basic operating and maintenance training will be provided without any charges. If external applicants require comprehensive/extensive training of a particular instrument, additional training will be carried out internally/externally and respective charges will be incurred accordingly on case-by-case basis depending on the content of training.

Consultation Fee

All applicants are expected to process or interpret the acquired data. If the applicant required assistant from laboratory staff to process and/or interpret the acquired data from their samples, consultation fee will be charged accordingly on case-by-case basis, depending on the application and complexity of the analysis. 


Most of the consumables and spare parts are available for applicants to use throughout their analysis, and the cost of the involved consumables and spare parts will be charged accordingly to the principle investigator's account.   

Other Charges

Additional charges may be incurred with the involvement of additional research instrument/equipments, materials, reagents, and etc. Kindly contact XMUM laboratory staff for clarification.

Application Forms

For academic/research applicants, please complete the following form and agreement. Then, submit the documents to office 210 in block A5. An email will be sent to you once your application is processed. We welcome all type of testings and analysis, but we do not support last minute request.

For inquiries from industry, kindly email us at for further arrangement. We will try our best to fullfil your needs.

Laboratory and Research Facilities Usage Form.pdf

Safety Rules and Regulations Aggreement.pdf

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