About Us

International Affairs is a centre deliberated to engage effectively in the implementation of the strategic plan of internationalization of Xiamen University Malaysia. International Affairs office works to expand Xiamen University's established international relationship to Malaysia Campus, explore and build up reciprocal and joint positive partnerships with universities worldwide. This is to meet the collaboration and exchange demands of the faculties and students.

Among the services provided by the International Affairs Office are: 

1. Becoming the mediator to expand XMUM's worldwide engagement.
2. Assisting students understand deeper about the overseas universities of their interest.
3. Organizing talks from different oversea universities for students.
4. Developing the scope of Xiamen University Malaysia international partnership.
5. Becoming the mediator to expand XMUM's worldwide engagement.
6. Providing reception, coordination and services for oversea delegates from global and prestigious universities.
7. Informing about international collaborations, programmes, and exchanges with prestigious universities and institutions.
8. Working with internal academic departments to ensure that students and faculties are well informed of study abroad opportunities, staff mobility, and research possibilities.

In short, the role of the International Affairs Office is to establish partnership and explore the potential collaborations with top ranking global universities. We serve as a platform for the faculties and students to be connected internationally. 

International Affairs