1. Which are the universities Xiamen University Malaysia is working with for collaboration and what is the status of the          progress? 




Australia National University, Canberra


Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement signed

Dublin Business School, Ireland


Memorandum of Understanding signed

Strachclyde University, Glasgow

United Kingdom

Memorandum of Understanding signed

Newcastle University

United Kingdom


Memorandum of Understanding signed

Cardiff University, Wales

United Kingdom


Memorandum of Understanding signed

Victoria University of Wellington

New Zealand

Memorandum of Understanding and Articulation 

Agreement signed

University of Cincinnati, Ohio

United States of 


Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement signed

Hull University of Cottingham Road

United Kingdom

Memorandum of Understanding signed

Southhampton University, England

United Kingdom

Memorandum of Understanding signing in progress

University of Sussex,

Falmer England

United Kingdom

Memorandum of Understanding signed

Curtin University 


Memorandum of Understanding signed 

University of Queensland 


Collaboration established

University of California, Riverside

United States of 


Collaboration establised


2. How do I apply to the university I am interested in for my graduate studies?

A: You can check the website for the respective university

3. What is the tuition fees of my graduate studies?

A: The fees are always listed in the university's website, but the tuitions could vary base on the discipline and annual intake.

4. What are the requirements needed for me to apply as a graduate student?

A: Generally, most Graduate Programmes require students to have completed their undergraduate study with GPA of 3.0 and above and to meet the requirement for English Proficiency Test by taking IELTS, TOEFL, etc. For more specific details,  kindly check the respective university's website. 

5. How long do I need to spend studying to obtain my master degree qualification?

A:  Typically, all graduate studies takes about one to two years depending on the field you are in and you attend. Please  refer to the website of the universities.

6. How many partner universities are collaborating with Xiamen University  Malaysia?

A: Currently we have 10 partnerships so far. More collaborations are expected.  

7.   Am I eligible to apply for scholarship for my graduate study? 

A: You can always find the scholarship or financial support information in the universities' website you apply if

you meet the requirements. Some of our partner universities provide our students with tuition fee waiver and you 

can check the details with us. 

8.   Can I apply to the graduate program of the university I intend to attend, before obtaining my Bachelor's  certificate?

A: Some universities would offer you a conditional offer based on the required documents(eg: academic transcripts, personal statements, recommendation letter, etc.) you submitted when applying. 

9.  Can I change my major of studies when pursuing my Master's program?

A: This depends on the major requirments of the university. Some conversion are greatly encouraged, some are not. Please come to the talk organized by International Affairs for the partner universities, more informations will be released. 

10. Who can I turn to for more specific details about my graduate school application?

A:   You can call at 03-8705 5015 or email to intaffairs@xmu.edu.my to set an appointment to meet us, and we will be happy to help you. Also, in the university of your interest website, there will be an email you can write to and the person in charge will be glad to assist you.  

11. How many intakes are there for graduate school?

A:  There is usually one intake but some university may have two. Check the university website for the exact one.


13.  When can I start to apply for my graduate studies and when is the deadline to apply?

A: Check on the university of your interest website as each will have a different dates

14. What are the schedules of talks held by specific universities? 

18th April 2019 (Thursday)10.00am - 4.00pmFoyer opposite Chef Yang

Wang Yanan Institute of Studies in


International Affairs