CAMS Student Awarded MTSF's Science & Technology Research Grant 2023


The Research and Postgraduate Centre congratulates Adrian Chan Wen-Jie, a masters student from China-ASEAN College of Marine Sciences (CAMS), Xiamen University Malaysia, on receiving the Malaysia Toray Science Foundation (MTSF) Science & Technology Research Grant 2023. 

Adrian Chan Wen-Jie is one of twelve recipients of the MTSF Science & Technology Research Grant 2023, chosen among more than 400 applications nationwide.

With a fund of RM15,000, this award will support Adrian’s research project entitled “Understanding Endophytic Fungi Diversity in Malaysian Mangroves” for the period of 1 year under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Ng Wei Lun.

Among the 60 or so mangrove plant species in the world, Malaysia is home to almost 40 species, positioning itself as one of the global centres of mangrove biodiversity. While research so far has uncovered much of the diversity of plants and animals in the mangrove ecosystem, studies on mangrove bacteria and fungi are lacking.

Adrian’s research aims at documenting the diversity of a group of fungi called endophytic fungi, which lives within the mangrove plants without causing harm to its host. Past studies have shown that these fungi may even benefit the host plant by providing hormones and nutrients for growth and helping the host plant fight infection. Thus, better documentation and understanding of these fungi may enable future exploration of their potential biotechnological applications.

It is believed that the findings from Adrian Chan Wen-Jies research will lead to a better understanding of microbial biodiversity in the mangrove ecosystem, contributing to at least four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, namely Responsible Consumption and Production, Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life on Land.


Adrian was receiving the award from the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, YB Chang Lih Kang 

From left: Adrian, the representative of MTSF, TAKAHASHI Katsuhiko, the Ambassador of Japan to Malaysia, and Dr. Ng Wei Lun

Adrian Chan Wen-Jie said: “I am truly grateful and honoured to be one of the recipients of the award – not only does it provide financial support for the project, it has also become a powerful source of motivation for my research work. I would like to thank my supervisors, Dr. Ng Wei Lun and Dr. Yong Yoong Soon, for providing invaluable guidance and encouragement for my studies. I would also like to thank other members of the Mangrove Biodiversity Research Group for their support along my journey in research.”

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