Dr. Tee Keng Kok Publishes Two Business Case Studies on Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship


Research Management Center congratulates Dr. Tee Keng Kok, Director of MBA Centre, XMUM on publishing two business case studies in one of the top case study journals in the world (Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies) as the Corresponding Author. 

Although case studies are novel, they are making a footing in academia as part of their andragogy. As case writers are scarce and rare, Dr. Tee’s publications help contribute to XMUM’s reputation in business cases especially in Southeast Asia. 

The first case entitled “The chicken and egg story of a call centre in Malaysia” discusses the aspect of employee satisfaction, staff performance that led to the turnover issue amongst employees in a call centre in Malaysia. The short-term and long-term strategies were successfully adopted to retain the call centre’s key account in times of desperation. The case is currently used as part of the teaching and learning tool in the MBA class. 


The second case is entitled “The plight of dairy farmers and their cows”. This case explores the life of a small-scale dairy farmer in Malaysia who was caught in a financially tight situation due to business sustainability, limited product diversification and marketing initiatives. Based on the problem-solving framework, the case attempts to identify, access and analyse the problems faced by small-scale farmers in Malaysia. The case had proven effective by providing entrepreneurial and sustainable solutions in which it successfully turned the dairy farmers’ livelihood around. This case is appropriate for undergraduate final year or senior as well as graduate-level programme students. 


About Dr. Tee Keng Kok 

Dr. Tee Keng Kok obtained his PhD in Management Communication from University of Waikato, New Zealand. He is currently the Director of MBA Centre at XMUM. Having a strong passion for case writing, Dr. Tee is a prolific case writer for institutions such as the Asian Institute of Financial (AIF), the Malaysian Higher Education Leadership Academy (AKEPT), and even for the Fortune 500 companies, Petronas. 

Apart from being an academic, he is also a Certified Professional Trainer. In his effort to promote the usage and writing of cases, Dr. Tee facilitated staff in a few establishments such as the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) and the Malaysian Developmental Bank in order for them to develop their in-house cases. 

Dr. Tee also serves as a case editor and reviewer, and one of the grant assessors for the Case Writing Grant Scheme (CWGS) under the Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia. 

Photo of Dr. Tee Keng Kok which is taken at the main campus.

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