Dr. Toh Moau Yong Publishes in SSCI Q1 Journal on Bank’s Responses to Economic Uncertainty


The Research Management Center congratulates Dr. Toh Moau Yong from School of Economics and Management, Xiamen University Malaysia on publishing a research paper in Research in International Business and Finance (RIBAF) as the first author.

RIBAF is an SSCI Q1 journal in Finance category with a latest (2020) impact factor of 4.091. Prof. Zhang Yongmin from Ningbo University, China is the papers corresponding author.

Entitled “Bank capital and risk adjustment responses to economic uncertainty: Evidence from emerging Southeast Asian economies”, this paper examines how banks make capital and risk adjustments simultaneously amid economic uncertainty in emerging Southeast Asian economies. The research finds that banks pursue stability amid heightened economic uncertainty mainly by hoarding more capital buffers, while their risk adjustments are mostly unaffected or even negative in a few cases. Mechanism analyses are also conducted, showing that the “wait and see”, “search for yield” and “herding” incentives of banks are the reinforcing mechanisms for the positive relationship between economic uncertainty and banks’ capital adjustments, making banks more stable amid uncertainty.


About Dr. Toh Moau Yong:

Dr. Toh Moau Yong is currently an Assistant Professor at XMUM School of Economics and Management. She obtained her Ph.D. degree from Lincoln University, New Zealand in October 2017. She has published numerous research articles in SSCI-indexed journals of finance and economics disciplines and is an active reviewer for SSCI- and Scopus-indexed journals. Dr. Toh’s research interests include banking and climate finance.

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