Research Talk

15th May 2023, 3.30 - 4.30 PM, A4#G03

Speaker: Dr. Guash Haile Taddele

Title: An outer quadratic approximation method for solving multiple-sets split feasibility problem 

with multiple output sets.



7th May 2023 - 13th May 2023

Speaker: JIN CHEN, Xiamen University China

                ILIA ITENBERG,  IMJ Paris Sorbonne, France

                GRIGORY MIKHALKIN,  Université de Genève

                TIMUR SADYKOV,  Plekhanov Russian AE, Russia

Title: Complex Algebraic Geometry, Tropical Geometry, Physics and Beyond



Research Talk

10 April 2023, 3.30pm,  A4#G03

Speaker: Dr. Nurhidayah Hamdan

Title: Multinomial Logistic Regression with Random Effects using Bayesian Approach: An 

          Application of Road Accidents Severity Study


7th March 2023, 3.30pm

Speaker: Dr. Ying Hong Tham, University of Hamburg

Title: TBA

21st November 2022, 3:30pm, A4#104 

Speaker: Dr. Nge Kie Seng

Title: From Homological Algebra to Topology

14th November 2022, 3:30pm, A4#104

Speaker: Ms. Jessica Yei Shan

Title: Spectral variation of normalized Laplacian for various undirected and 

directed network models.

7th November 2022, 2:00pm, Room A4#103

Speaker: Dr. Tey Wei Hao, Imperial College London

Title: Minimal invariant sets of set-valued mappings

3rd October 2022, 3:30 - 4:30pm, A4#113