Master of Communication and Culture

Programme Information &
Entry Requirement
Programme Information-Master of Communication and Culture KPT/JPS[N/321/7/0242]10/26[MQA/PA 14653] 
Tuition Fee & ScholarshipTuition Fee & Scholarship (MCC)
Important Timeline

(a) Research Proposal & Seminar

(b) Dissertation & Viva Voce

Graduation Requirements

To graduate, candidates are required to complete the following:

(1) The students of the Master’s Degree program (Mixed Mode) are required to register and pass three (3) Major Core subjects and at least one (1) Major Elective subject.

(2) During the study, students are required to present a paper at the Seminar organized by the Department. Students are required to make an oral presentation one (1) time in the period of study. 

(3) At the final stage of study, students are required to submit three (3) bound copies of the dissertation and pass an oral defence during the session, the successful candidate will be awarded a Master’s Degree.

(4) Manuscript publication requirements:

- At least one (1) article accepted and orally presented at an international conference(s) held locally and internationally; AND

- At least one (1) paper published /accepted in an international refereed journal.
*These publication requirements shall be fulfilled before Viva Voce. 

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