Head of Department

Professor Ong Chong Kim

Email: ckong@xmu.edu.my

Office: B1-204

Tel: +603 8705 5079

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Research Interests:

 • Microwave measurements and characterization

 • Magnetic materials and magnetism

 • Spintronics

 • Quantum materials

Academic Staff

Professor Tomasz Paterek

Email: paterek.tomasz@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-469


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Research Interests:

 • Quantum Information

 • Quantum Biology

Professor Chen Huanyang

Email: huanyang.chen@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-470


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Research Interests:

 • Transformation Optics

 • Cloaking

 • Metamaterials

Professor Wang Huiqiong,  Director, Research Management Center

Email: hqwang@xmu.edu.my



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Research Interests:

 • Materials Physics

Professor Zheng Jincheng,  Director, Innovation Center

Email: jczheng@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-433

Tel: +603 8705 5066

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Research Interests:

 • Energy materials

 • Electron scattering

 • X-ray scattering

 • Neural networks

Associate Professor Yap Seong Shan

Email: seongshan.yap@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-434

Tel: -

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Research Interests:

 • Laser-materials interaction: laser and plasma processing, ultrafast laser filamentation

 • Materials science: nanomaterials, nanodiamonds, transparent conducting oxide, Ge/Si quantum dot

 • Devices: optoelectronics OLED, solar cell

 • Industry research: polymer/glove testing, lead free solder and additives, failure analysis

Associate Professor Lim Yen Kheng

Email: yenkheng.lim@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-467

Tel: +603 8705 5175

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Research Interests:

 • Black holes and General Relativity

 • Exact solutions in Einstein-Maxwell and related theories

 • Theoretical and mathematical physics

Associate Professor Zhang Yufeng

Email: yufengzhang@xmu.edu.my



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Research Interests:

 • Electron and X-ray spectroscopies

 • Surface/interface analysis of novel materials

Associate Professor Feng Siyi

Email: siyi.feng@xmu.edu.my



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Research Interests:

 • Star and planet formation

 • Radio astronomy

 • Astrochemistry

Assistant Professor Chung Fei Fang

Email: feifang.chung@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-435

Tel: +603 8800 6903

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Research Interests:

 • Granular matter

 • Computational physics

 • Ocean waves simulation

Associate Professor Kelvin Ooi

Email: kelvin.ooi@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-406

Tel: +603 8705 5116

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Research Interests:

 • Nanophotonics

 • Neural Physics

 • Urban Science

Assistant Professor Kalai Kumar A/L Rajagopal

Email: kalaikumar.rajagopal@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-473


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Research Interests:

 • Quantum dissipative dynamics

 • Bose-Einstein condensate

 • Atomic scattering theory

 • Mathematical biology

Administration and Laboratory

Dr Siti Khatijah bt Md Saad

Email: siti.khatijah@xmu.edu.my

Office: A4-204

Tel: +603 8705 5122

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Research Interests:

 • Synthesis of porous-like metal oxide for organic hybrid perovskite solar cell

 • Synthesis of (001) faceted pristine and doped metal oxide nanostructures for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell and Photocatalytic Degradation of Pollutant

 • Synthesis of transition metal dichalcogenide for optoelectronic application

 • Synthesis of noble metal nanomaterials for the current collector in supercapacitor

 • Activated carbon derived for palm oil residue for supercapacitor

Faculty (Physics)