Mr. Desmond Chong shared valuable insights into financial planning for students


On 29th April 2024, the Finance programme under the School of Economics and Management held a public talk titled “Making Every Ringgit Count: Effective Financial Planning for Students”. We are honoured to have Mr. Desmond Chong Chian Aik as the speaker to share his knowledge of financial planning with the students.

In the talk, the speaker emphasized the importance of financial health and personal financial management strategies, enriching students' comprehension of finance. Moreover, he also shared the NGC ‘PROVEN’ strategy to enhance students’ cash flow planning. The speaker fosters interaction with the students through quizzes and a Q&A session.

Group photo

Public talk by Mr. Desmond Chong

The speaker- Mr. Desmond boasts an extensive background with experience as the founder of Next Generation. Concurrently, he serves as the agency manager at Kenanga Investors Berhad (KIB). A Certified Financial Planner (CFP CERT TM) from FPAM and a Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) consultant from FIMM, Mr Desmond specializes in financial and investment planning.

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