XMUM Team Wins Second Prize at the 2023 Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases


The School of Economics and Management is proud to share the information that research team of the school for winning the Second Prize at the “2023 Global Contest for the Best China-Focused Cases” on 12 April 2024.

The winning case “Alibaba: The Evolving Corporate Social Responsibility of an E-Commerce Platform” was developed by Dr. Yang Junjie, Dr. Beh Yean Shan and team members from other institutions.

Focusing on “management issues and practices in a Chinese business context from a global perspective,” the contest was organized by the Steering Committee of the Shanghai MBA Case Development and Sharing Platform. A total of 303 cases were submitted by more than 700 authors affiliated with 120 schools and institutions worldwide.

Following a rigorous process including initial review, blind review, evaluation by subject editors and the chief editor, as well as selection for first and second prizes, one case emerged as the recipient of the Best Case Award, with five cases awarded First Prize, and ten cases awarded Second Prize. Experts on the review panel came from both domestic and international institutions, including Harvard Business School, Ivey Business School, INSEAD, The Case Centre, and China Europe International Business School (CEIBS), among others.

The research was conducted under the support from Xiamen University Malaysia Research Fund, Guangdong Basic and Applied Basic Research Foundation and AliResearch “Huoshui” Young Academics Project.

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