NESE Scholars Publish in Environmental Pollution as an Academic Route to Sustainability Advocacy


The Research and Postgraduate Centre congratulates Hoy Zheng Xuan, Phuang Zhen Xin, and Associate Professor Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon Kok Sin from Department of New Energy Science and Engineering, School of Energy and Chemical Engineering (SECE) for their recent review article published in the journal Environmental Pollution, an SCI Q1 journal with the latest impact factor of 8.9. 

Hoy Zheng Xuan, the first author of the article, has obtained his master’s degree in 2023 and currently works as a research associate at National University of Singapore; Phuang Zhen Xin is a PhD candidate atXMUM Department of New Energy Science and Engineering.

The paper entitled “Municipal solid waste management for low-carbon transition: A systematic review of artificial neural network applications for trend prediction” consolidates the critical review outcomes from thirty-two papers published from 2013 to 2023. The paper associates the application of artificial neural network (ANN) in trend prediction (i.e., carbon emissions, waste composition and generation rate) about municipal solid waste (MSW). This systematic review reveals the importance of (1) reporting the model’s predictive performance based on more than one performance indicator and examining its uncertainty, and (2) benchmarking the predictive performance of newly-developed integrated models to clearly show performance improvements. The review outcomes will support the realisation of practical applications of ANNs to simultaneously enhance waste management practices and reduce carbon emissions by highlighting the shortcomings, best practices, and prospects of ANNs for MSW-related trend predictions to the relevant enablers.

Figure 1: The article can be accessed at

 Figure 2: General overview of the current status, challenges, and opportunities for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) management related trend using artificial neural network (ANN) modelling improvement in transitioning to a low-carbon pathway.

Hoy Zheng Xuan: I am thrilled to share my gratitude for the support and guidance provided by Dr. Vincent throughout the entirety of this research project. His mentorship was invaluable in shaping the direction of our study and ensuring its success. Additionally, I extend my sincere thanks to Zhen Xin for her unwavering support and to all our collaborators who had contributed to the publication of this review paper.

Phuang Zhen Xin: It is my utmost honour to be part of this research project. I would like to extend my gratitude towards my supervisor, Dr. Vincent Woon and my research peer, Mr. Hoy.

Ts. Dr. Vincent Woon is an Associate Professor and Head of the PhD Programme at XMUM New Energy Science and Engineering Department. Passionate about sustainability, his research focuses on carbon footprint analysis, life cycle assessment, solid waste recycling, green township and building development, as well as AI-predictive analytics and optimisation in climate change. 

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