Leveraging Telecommunications in E-commerce Management by Head of Enterprise Risk Management for CelcomDigi Bhd, Mr. Choy Kum Fatt


Mr. Choy Kum Fatt, the Head of Enterprise Risk Management at CelcomDigi Bhd, was invited by School of Economics and Management, Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) to deliver a talk entitled “Leveraging Telecommunications in E-commerce Management” for our E-commerce students on 15th December 2023 which focuses on telecommunications and various aspects of it relating to e-commerce in general.

In his presentation, Mr. Choy began by providing a comprehensive understanding of how telecommunications functions within the scope of e-commerce management. He elaborated on critical facets encompasing Infrastructure and Connectivity, Customer Engagement and Experience, Data Management and Analytics, Supply Chain and Logistics Optimization, alongside Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance. These components constructed a foundational overview, allowing students to comprehend the details of the e-commerce ecosystem.

Furthermore, Mr. Choy broadened the students' perspectives by introducing them to the current insights and trends in the telecommunications industry. He engaged with them not only to share his expertise but also to understand their experiences as users. Topics spanned from 5G Technology and Networks, the Convergence of Mobile, Fixed, and Internet Services, to Cloudification, Enterprise Solutions, the Internet of Things (IoT), accelerated adoption of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, complete integration of Cashless and Paperless systems, and Corporate Social Responsibility and Governance. This engagement proved highly beneficial for the students, offering a holistic understanding of these relevant industry facets.

About Mr. Choy Kum Fatt

Mr. Choy Kum Fatt is a highly accomplished professional with a degree in Electrical Engineering, specializing in Electronics and Communications. Over the course of an illustrious 28-year career, he has significantly contributed to the telecommunications industry, demonstrating expertise across a diverse range of domains. His extensive experience encompasses various key areas, including: Enterprise Business Sales and Marketing; Corporate and Network Strategy; Network Planning and Design; Program and Project Management; Sourcing and Procurement; Contract Management; Vendor Management; Logistics; Legal (Technical Drafting); Solution Management; Service Management; Customer Management (Technical Support) 

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