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Experimenting with Industry Technology Workshop Integration into The Programme of Bachelor in Management E-Commerce to Enhance Technology Module Teaching Delivery

Mr. Yap Far Loon (Managing Director) and Ms. Amirah (business analyst) from Aleevar Consulting were invited by the School of Economics and Management, Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) to deliver an Information Technology Workshop for our e-commerce students on 27th November 2023. This initiative, spearheaded by the School's external affairs committee, aligns with our commitment to continually enhance the learning experiences of our e-commerce students.


Following a comprehensive 10-week program covering theoretical lectures and practical exercises on the Principles of Information Systems and Database Technology and Applications, our Bachelor in Management e-commerce students were provided with a valuable opportunity to witness a real-life IT demonstration directly related to their field of study. Employing a case study titled Data Analytics and Dashboard in Google Cloud Platform: Breaking down Behavioral Economics in Convenience Stores (CVS), the esteemed guest speakers guided our students through the practical workflow of constructing a data analytics dashboard using cutting-edge information system and database technology.


Our keen observation leads us to believe that integrating IT Industry Workshops significantly enhances our students' overall learning experiences in technology modules. The workshop serves as an interactive platform for our e-commerce students to witness a hands-on data analytics process, employing web data scraper techniques to extract information from the web. The utilization of tools such as Google Map Review, Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform, Google Big Query, and Google Looker Studio was showcased during the workshop's dashboard demonstration. This unique learning opportunity allowed students to understand and clarify how raw data collection is automated according to specific needs, transformed using business rules and IT into a decision support system, ultimately aiding managers in enhancing their decision-making processes.

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