NESE Master Students Publish in Journal of Energy Chemistry


The Research and Postgraduate Centre congratulates Poh Wen Siong, Yiang Wen Jie, and Assistant Professor Dr. Braedan Foo Chuan Yi from New Energy and Science Engineering (NESE) programme for publishing a review article in Journal of Energy Chemistry (Q1, IF: 13.1).

Both Poh Wen Siong and Yiang Wen Jie are master’s students under the supervision of Dr. Braedan Foo Chuan Yi.

This review article entitled “Enhancing MXene-based supercapacitors: Role of synthesis and 3D architectures provided a comprehensive overview of state-of-the-art techniques to construct high-performance 3D MXene architectures. It encompasses the rationale behind exploring diverse 2D MXene synthesis techniques, conducting precise synthesis process optimizations and introducing 3D architectures through advanced structural modification strategies. Thereafter, the relationship between these aspects and the resulting attainable electrochemical performance is scrutinized.


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The versatile physicochemical property tunability of MXene is achievable via the processing of its MAX phase precursor to 2D MXene nanosheets to 3D MXene nanostructures, leading to augmented performance of MXene-based electrodes.


Poh Wen Siong: “I am thankful for this opportunity to present my findings on MXene-based supercapacitors, a fascinating field of research in which I have been, and will continue to accumulate knowledge. I would like to express my gratitude to my peer, Yiang Wen Jie, for his valuable efforts, and also to my supervisor, Dr. Braedan Foo Chuan Yi, for providing guidance and facilitating the publication process. I hope this study can offer significant knowledge contributions in the striving process of realizing high performance energy storage systems much needed in upcoming smart portable electronic devices.”


Yiang Wen Jie: “I am deeply grateful to my supervisor, Dr. Braedan Foo Chuan Yi, for the opportunity of publishing and the invaluable guidance that has shaped my academic journey from undergraduate to postgraduate studies. My sincere appreciation extends to all the authors for their significant contributions during the preparation of this review paper. I hope that this review will provide valuable insights into the synthesis and fabrication of high-performance MXene-based electrodes to the community.”


Dr. Ong Wee-Jun is an Associate Professor and the Assistant Dean at School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University Malaysia. In 2021, he became the Director of Center of Excellence for NaNo Energy & Catalysis Technology (CONNECT). His research interests include nanomaterials for energy storage devices, photocatalytic, photoelectrocatalytic, and electrochemical H2O splitting, CO2 reduction and N2 fixation.


Dr. Braedan Foo Chuan Yi is an Assistant Professor in New Energy Science and Engineering at Xiamen University Malaysia. He is particularly interested in unravelling the potential and workability of advanced manufacturing technology in nanomaterials fabrication, as well as improving the performance of current electrochemical energy storage devices.

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