XMUM Students Win Two Silver and Five Bronze Prizes from the 8th China International College Students’ Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition


Students from Xiamen University Malaysia have received a total of 7 awards at the 8th China International College Students’ Internet+ Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, including 2 Silver Prizes and 5 Bronze Prizes. 

In 2022, with the theme of “Dare to Differ, Dare to Win”, the competition attracted 14.5 million participants and 3.4 million projects from 4,554 colleges and universities across 108 countries and regions. This is the 6th time that XMUM has participated in the competition, taking home a total of 38 awards including 1 Gold, 8 Silver, and 29 Bronze prizes.

This competition is organized by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, which aims to encourage colleges and universities to strengthen the cultivation of innovative and entrepreneurial talents, exchange innovative ideas and inspire entrepreneurship, and create a better future for the world.

Two Silver Prize-Winning Projects:

Lithium Ion Battery Recycling based on Mass Spectrometry

Team leader: Wan Linyi (EEE)

Team members: Lin Zhuonan (ACC), Yong Yiee Chuen (IBU), Lee Zhen Teck (FIN), Zhang Chi (CME), Ren Yining (IBU), Liu Xibin (EEE), Zhou Ziyu (CST), Liu Nian (EEE), Cheng Yuan (EEE), Xu Jiawei (ACC), Hu Jingyin (ACC), Chen Yaqing (NESE), Chen Yintong (NESE), Zhang Lin (NESE)

Advisor: Assoc. Prof. Zhang Ying (XMUM Vice President)

Description: The equipment adopts modular design concept to form a discrete discharge coupling treatment process. Compared with the existing domestic recycling equipment, the technology adopted in this project improves safety, environmental protection, and material recovery rate.

Temperature Feeling and Location Tracing System for Electric Bicycles

Team leader: Hu Xinwen (ADT)

Team members: Yin Yue (EEE), Wu Minfeng (AIT), Yang Hang (ACC), Veronice Tan Kai Xin (ACC), Wang Yanlong (EEE)

Advisors: Prof. Sun Shigang, Prof. Wu Qihui, Dr. Chen Wen, Ms. Sun Qi (China)

Description: This project provides an intelligent management system for electric bicycles that integrates battery temperature measurement, positioning and health management based on multi-contact temperature measurement technology, Python filtering method, digital twin technology and Internet cloud technology.

Five Bronze Prize-Winning Projects:

Smart Knee Pad – Intelligent Knee Pad for Disease Pre-testing based on Supervised Machine Learning

Team leader: Liu Aofan (SWE)

Team members: Xiao Shuxin (FIN), Jiang Runhua (AIT), Jiang Xiaoxi (ACC), Yang Xinyan (FIN), Liu Zhikai (SWE), Guo Haonan (CST), Dai Mengmeng (CST), He Chengyang (ACC), Zhuang Shuoyu (ACC), Pan Xinyue (MAT), Wang Bin (CST), Yang Fenghe (ACC), Qin Jiayu (CST)

Advisor: Prof. Song Ran (China), Dr. Tan Kim Leng (FIN)

Description: The smart knee pad can recognize the early symptoms and early diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease based on the machine learning model. 



Team leader: Zhong Yanjun (ACC)

Team members: Zhao Kejian (ACC), Wang Qifeng (ACC), Zhou Jingjie (ACC), Lin Yixin (ACC), Huang Yiyang (AIT), Li Haoyang (AIT), Du Xinyu (CST), Lin Shiyu (CST), Liu Yijing (CST), Wu Duo (EEE), Chen Yujun (EEE), Xie Qiyi (EEE), Qu Ziran (New York University Shanghai)

Advisor: Prof. Yang Qun, Prof. Li Shixin, Prof. Liu Jun (China)

Description: Psychomate combines artificial intelligence with psychology to identify the user's psychological state. The diagnostic process involves gathering relevant information such as brain waves, voice, and facial expressions.


Portable Photovoltaic Cells Sorter

Team leader: Zhang Pengxiang (MAT)

Team members: Zhang Xiang (ACC), Su Bohan (AIT), Li Jingyuan (DMT), Song Haobo (DMT), Xu Siqi (DMT), Guo Honglin (AIT), He Mengfan (FIN), Wang Zijie (AIT), Wu Meixi (FIN), Yi Jiayu (IBU), Fong Li Qing (IBU), Chen Junming (JRN), Chen Yanhao (SWE), Liu Aofan (SWE)

Advisor: Prof. Zhang Yingqian (AIT)

Description: An Intelligent defect detection sorter for photovoltaic cells, with the main advantages of an accurate algorithm, high integration, and portability. 


Pulse Manifestation Detection Meter based on a Sensor with New Material PGA

Team leader: Zhu Jiayan (FIN)

Team members: Xie Zhongyu (ACC), Liu Yuexi (NESE), Zhu Zhiying (NESE), Ken Chan Jun Yan (FIN), Chen Weixi (NESE), Chen Yihan (FIN), Heng Fu Yuan (TCM), Wu Xinzhao (FIN), Gao Yiming (ENG)

Advisor: Prof. Huang Nay Ming (NESE)

Description: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) will use “look (), smell (), ask (), and cut () the way/incision in illness diagnoses, while the cut has high individual variability. A flexible pressure sensor based on the synthetic material polyglycolide (PGA) is designed to feel the pulse waveform to assess the health of patients. 

Eye of Ocean – Offshore Environment Analysis System based on Internet of Things and Big Data

Team leader: Wang Xishi (MBT)

Team members: Wang Chengzuo (MBT), Liu Jiangzhe (MEC), Ma Shengkun (MAT), Liu Jing (FIN), Tang Jixiang (FIN), Chen Peiyu (CST), Wang Yilan (JRN), An Xiaoxuan (CST), Chen Yanhao (SWE)

Advisor: Dr. Ng Wei Lun, Assoc. Prof. Yeap Swee Keong, Dr. Tan Suh Nih, Dr. Ng Chuck Chuan (CAMS)

Description: An offshore environmental analysis system composed of sensor hardware and a big data platform, which allows the real-time transmission and analysis of seawater quality. It also provides an aquatic product trading platform, a real-time solution platform, committed to solving various problems encountered by the users.

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