SWE Student Receives Patent for His Invention Measuring Magnetic Force Quantitatively


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre congratulates Lin Xiaojian from the Software Engineering program for receiving a patent from the China National Intellectual Property Administration for his novel invention.  

The invention is a magnetometer for measuring the magnetic field. The core technology of this invention is combining electricity, magnetism, and force to measure the strength of the magnetizing force quantitatively.  

According to Xiaojian, the device was initially designed to participate in the Science and Technology Innovation Competition in 2016. The idea came when he wondered what he could do to improve the permanent magnets used in the common magnetic force measurement tools that will slowly weaken over time and could not meet the measuring quality of some industries.  

He added the idea to design a new magnetic force measuring device to assist beginners to learn about the concepts of magnetism and electricity and understand the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

Lin Xiaojian


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