XMUM EEE Student Wins Silver Medal at I-SIC IV 2022


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre congratulates Steven Yong Choong Hong, an undergraduate from the Electrical and Electronics Engineering programme for winning the Silver Medal in Science and Technology category (Poster Presentation) at the International Science and Social Science Innovation Competition 2022 (I-SIC IV) among 64 groups of participants.

Titled “IoT Sensors for Smart Parking Sharing Mobile Services”, the winning project was conducted under the supervision of Ts. Dr. Kang Chia Chao. Smart Parking System is a system that can display all the available parking slots in a parking area which allows the drivers to find a vacant parking slot easily. This system will use the ultrasonic sensors as the parking sensors and the NodeMCU ESP8266 as the microcontroller. It is expected that this system will help tackle major issues faced by urban cities such as traffic congestion and air pollution.



Steven Yong Choong Hong

Ts. Dr. Kang Chia Chao



I-SIC IV is an innovation competition organised by Academic International Dialogue (AID) Academy Malaysia. This event aims to bring together professionals, academics, researchers and students to showcase their innovation and research through poster presentations and demonstrations of products. Besides that, I-SIC IV also encourages innovations that are related to teaching and learning practices at universities and schools.

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