SWAG 3.0 Successfully Held at XMUM


“Chill with Aquaman!!!”

Yes, this is the spirit of all the SWAG’s aquamen! From 19 to 20 October 2019, Xiamen University Malaysia Swimming Club held the third Swimming with Aquatic Games camp (SWAG 3.0) . During the event, the participants not only had their training sessions on campus, but also steped out from the campus to Cheras to train with Ikan Bilis Swimming Club (IBSC).

Compared with previous SWAG Camps, SWAG 3.0 featured several new sessions such as Aqua Zumba, First Aid Talk, Treasure Hunt and a training session collaborated with IBSC, during which the participants were able to gain extra knowledge in swimming from professional coaches and top national swimmers. The BBQ and steamboat dinner also became one of the most memorable experiences for all committees and participants.

Aligned with the efforts put in by all the committees, SWAG 3.0 was enjoyed by all the participants and received many positive comments. XMUM Swimming Club will continue to organize this annual swimming camp next year and will make improvement from year to year.

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