Clubs and Societies Recruitment Drive Successfully Held at XMUM


Held on 25 September 2019, Clubs and Societies Recruitment Drive was a blast with more than 50 booths and over 800 sign-ups. The event aims to reach out and encourage all XMUM students to have a vibrant campus life by joining different clubs and societies.

Organised by Extra-Curricular Activities Unit (ECA), the event started at 6.00pm to allow students to explore the booths of all current clubs and societies. With an exciting opening by 24 Festive Drums Club, the first session of performance and club promotion kicked off splendidly. The second half of performance and club promotion continued from 8.30pm with more energy and passion, together with a lucky draw for all who had registered that day and a prize giving ceremony for the three most creative booths. The drive ended at 10.00pm with an outstanding closing performance by Music Club. This was indeed an inspiring night for all the participants 

For detail information of clubs and societies and their activities, feel free to drop by B1-B02-1 or contact










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