Serving the Society - A School Beautification Project by XMUM Community Service Students


On 22 June 2019, a total of 47 murals in SK (Malay-Medium National School) KLIA Sepang were produced within seven hours by 652 XMUM students.

This was part of the course requirements for students taking Community Service module in April 2019 Semester. The objective of this course is to provide students with opportunities to acquire knowledge, understanding, experience and ability in the application of 4 soft skills - namely, effective communication in various situations, critical thinking, leadership and teamwork - as well as social skills and responsibilities essential for the holistic development of students.

Under the guidance of 3 course lecturers (Ms Norsafizar Mohd Noor, Ms Nurhidayatul Akma Safian and Ms Kasturi Krishnan), students were divided into 24 groups and each was assigned to produce their own mural illustration based on a given theme. They were given 2 months to prepare for the event, including doing mural design, raising sponsorship, conducting promotion and completing other related procedures.

The event started at 8 am in the morning and ended at around 3 pm in the afternoon. Despite the unexpected weather condition, students manage to complete the mural drawing successfully.

This event wouldn’t have been a success without the dedication and commitment from all the students and advisors.

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