The First PhotoMarathon Held at XMUM


To develop XMUM students’ love for photography, XMUM Photography Club has organized a photography competition named XMUM PhotoMarathon: RUN N GUN on 23 June 2019.

PhotoMarathon is a single-day photography competition, the themes of which would only be revealed on the event day. After getting the themes, participants in teams of 4 need to capture photos accordingly and submit their entries before the deadline. The 3 themes of the event are “Beauty of XMUM”, “Insignificant” and “Sounds”. This competition received great responses from students, which has attracted 20 teams of participants.

On the day of the event, the first theme was announced at 10am, after which participants started to shoot photos around the campus. Then, at 12pm and 2pm, Theme 2 and Theme 3 were announced respectively. Until 4pm, all participants successfully completed their work.

Opening Ceremony

Members of the judge committee include Dr. Wang Chang Song, Program Coordinator of XMUM Journalism and Advertising Program, Mr. Muhammad Afiq Sukiman, lecturer of XMUM Advertising Program and Mr. Ng Kok Leong, a professional photographer and photo editor from The Star Daily. Team “Cincai (means ‘Do as one pleases’)” won the champion. “We cincai shoot, then we cincai win. We don’t even expect that we will get any prize but we appreciated it,” said Yong Xiang Tung, leader of the champion team.

The Champion Team


Campus Life

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