Journalism Student Covers Global Conference as UNESCO Youth Newsroom Member


Ding Qiaozi, a 1909 intake Journalism student from Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM), has joined and reported on the 2021 World Press Freedom Day Global Conference as a member of the Youth Newsroom.

The Youth Newsroom is a project supported by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Namibian Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and sponsored by the European Union and the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It gathered 26 young reporters and journalism students from all over the world to attend and cover the 2021 World Press Freedom Global Conference. 

Held by UNESCO and the Government of Namibia, the virtual and in-presence Conference took place from 29 April to 3 May 2021. Media leaders, media and legal experts, artists and researchers from all over the world participated in regional forums, side events, keynotes, artistic showcases and films screenings to discuss the importance of cherishing information as a public good, the theme of 2021 World Press Freedom Day.

The meeting that impressed me most was Is Independent Media a Public Good and is Public Subsidy to Support it Realistic’ hosted by BBC Media Action, Ding Qiaozi recalled. It let me realize the challenges faced by independent media. Considering the current market conditions and trends, it is important to initiate new modes of governmental subsidies and business models, to promote media innovation, editorial independence and smooth market operation.

Ding Qiaozi also participated in the news reporting of the Conference. As a volunteer reporter, she covered the first plenary session on 3 May 2021 - themed Media and Information Literacy: A Pillar of Information as a Public Good”. She found XMUM Journalism programme’s emphasis on both theory and practice to be very helpful, as she utilized her knowledge of PS, PR and ID software during her reporting.

Speaking of the overall experience, Ding Qiaozi said that she was excited and touchedto be a part of this international conference and has learnt a lot from academics and professionals from different backgrounds. She has also established friendship with many young professionals, including a female journalist from Bosnia: We often exchange ideas on our interested areas and mostly we have different opinions. This benefits me both in terms of my research and life in general.

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