2019-Scholarship and Study Grant Application Form.pdf

Residence Application Form.pdf

Credit Transfer Application Form.pdf

Fujian Scholarship Application Form.pdf

For local application:

Undergraduate Application Form.pdf

Foundation Application Form.pdf

For international application:

International Students Application Form.pdf

For Students from China:

Health Declaration Form.pdf

acceptance slip for china students 2019.pdf

International Students Application Form.pdf


XMUM Brochure.pdf

For local students:

Fees for Academic Year 2021 (Local).pdf

Scholarship for Academic Year 2021 (Local).pdf

Study Grant for Academic Year 2021 (Local).pdf

For international students:

XMUM Brochure for International Students.pdf

Fees for Academic Year 2021 (International).pdf

Foundation programmes:

Foundation in Science.pdf

Foundation in Arts and Social Science .pdf

Undergraduate programmes:

Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Studies (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Management in International Business (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Economics in Finance (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Management in Accounting (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Engineering in Digital Media Technology (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Engineering in New Energy Science and Engineering (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Science in Marine Biotechnology (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Science in Marine Environmental Chemistry.pdf

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with Honours (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Hons).pdf

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Science in Physics (HONOURS).pdf

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English Language and Literature (Honours).pdf

Bachelor of Engineering in Artificial Intelligence (Honours).pdf

MBA programme:

MBA Application Form (Malaysian).pdf

MBA Digital Brochure.pdf

MBA Tuition Fee Scholarship & Study Grants (International).pdf 

MBA Tuition Fee Scholarship & Study Grants (Malaysian).pdf

Scholarship and Study Grant Application.pdf

Postgraduate programmes:

Postgraduate Application Form (Malaysian).pdf

Postgraduate Application Form (International).pdf

Scholarship and Study Grant Application Form 1007 - for Master in CHS.pdf

Master of Arts in Chinese Studies Brochure final.pdf

Master of Arts in Chinese Studies - tuition fee and scholarship - local -1007.pdf

Master of Arts in Chinese Studies - tuition fee and scholarship - international 1007.pdf

Master of Science In Mathematics And Applied Mathematics.pdf

Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics.pdf

MAT MSC Tuition Fee and Scholarship.pdf

MAT PHD Tuition Fee and Scholarship.pdf

MAT Scholarship & Study Grant Application Form.pdf

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering & Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical Engineering.pdf

CME MSC & PHD Scholarship & Study Grant.pdf

CME MSC & PHD - Scholarship and Study Grant Application Form.pdf

MSc in Chemical Engineering - Application Form (International) 0904.pdf

MSc in Chemical Engineering - Application Form (Malaysian) 0904.pdf

MSC in Chemical Engineering - Tuition fee and Scholarship.pdf

PhD in Chemical Engineering - Application Form (International) 0904.pdf

PhD in Chemical Engineering - Application Form (Malaysian) 0904.pdf

PhD in Chemical Engineering - Tuition fee and Scholarship.pdf

Master in New Energy Science and Engineering.pdf

Fee Structure and Scholarship for Master in NESE 20201208.pdf

PHD in New Energy Science and Engineering.pdf

Fee Structure and Scholarship for PhD in NESE 20201208.pdf