This Strategic Partnership Programme serves to establish long-term relationships with the industry with the primary objectives of developing mutually beneficial and formal relationships between Xiamen University Malaysia and the business industry.

We seek to:

Partner with a Purpose: We collaborate to share common interest with the University's mission and values, its MBA programme, and project outcomes.

Advance Shared Goals and Strategic Objectives: We co-create with our partners to develop shared goals and strategic objectives, and invest in partnership activities for mission success.Achieve Value-added Outcomes: We maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace and achieve sustainable returns by sharing expertise and resources, and leveraging capabilities.

Above all, we maintain a genuine willingness to listen and support our partners in their academic journey at Xiamen University Malaysia, and this is our utmost priority.

Why partner with us?

1. Cost Savings

Your members will benefit from tuition fee savings while enhancing human potential. 

2. Invest in Your People 

This partnership demonstrates your commitment to promote internal development, professional growth, and career advancement. Undoubtedly, this will strengthen your organization by developing a team of motivated and engaged members. 

3. Professional Services 

As your partner, the university is able to provide professional services for the benefit of the industry such as contract research, consultation, and corporate training. This includes market research and intelligence, data management and analysis, and executive development programmes.  

4. Branding 

Partners will gain access to student talent, business case analysis as part of the curriculum, and opportunities for broadband awareness on campus. 

Our guest lecturing and guest speaker’s opportunities for middle and upper management would create a valuable career development pathway and at the same time, enhance corporate branding.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

University-Corporate collaborations will generate a positive impact on society. The ecosystem of the region, where collaboration takes place, can profit economically, socially and environmentally. Both the university and corporations can learn from each other, and even complement each other in order to achieve viable outcomes.

For information contact:


Corporate Partnerships | External Relations 

Phone: +603-8705 5141

Email: elizabeth.lim@xmu.edu.my

Corporate Partnership