XMUM Team Triumphs in International Quant Championship 2023


The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre congratulates Team BabyBus, comprising a group of 4 undergraduate students – Lam Sing Yan (Mathematics and Applied Mathematics), Qu Yexi (Finance), Zhang Linya (Accounting), Lin Yixin (Accounting) - for achieving successful results in International Quant Championship (IQC) 2023, one of the largest quant competitions around the world.


The IQC is a global, three-stage, team-based competition that brings students, academia, and professionals from all around the globe together. The participants have the opportunity to apply their quantitative skills at the intersection of data and the financial markets by developing and backtesting predictive mathematical models, or alphas which are mathematical models that seek to predict the future price movements of various financial instruments.

Team Babybus from Xiamen University Malaysia was the top 20% team globally in the first stage and placed first among all Malaysian teams in the second stage. In spite of the fierce competition, the team managed to win the second stage and was invited to the Global Finals in Bahamas for the final round.


Team BabyBus with participants from all over the world.

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