MIMOS, Xiamen University China, and Xiamen University Malaysia Forge Pioneering Partnership in Semiconductor Technology


In a strategic move designed to transform the landscape of semiconductor technology, MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia's national R&D centre, signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Xiamen University China and Xiamen University Malaysia on 26 April 2024.

H.E. Chang Lih Kang, Malaysias Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, and H.E. Yin Hejun, Minister of Science and Technology of China, witnessed the ceremony.

This collaboration aims to spearhead innovations in Advanced Packaging (AP), Wide Bandgap Semiconductors (WBGS), and Semiconductor System Design by combining MIMOS's state-of-the-art research capabilities with the academic excellence of Xiamen University.

The key areas of collaboration include placement of students in industrial training programmes, initiatives for education and professional advancement, establishment of technology service platforms and a joint laboratory for shared facilities, securing targeted research funding and grants, as well as facilitating technology transfer and commercialisation.

The anticipated benefits of the partnership between MIMOS, Xiamen University China, and Xiamen University Malaysia are substantial and multifaceted. This strategic alliance is expected to lead to the development and commercialisation of innovative technologies in Advanced Packaging and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors. Additionally, it will facilitate the licensing and joint commercialisation of these technologies with industry partners.

A key component of the collaboration is the cultivation of new talent, specialising in cutting-edge semiconductor technologies, which will be supported by the creation of a Joint Research Laboratory or Centre of Excellence (CoE). Furthermore, the partners will engage in collaborative R&D projects aimed at accessing and further developing key technologies, thus enhancing their collective expertise and technological capabilities.

This partnership is set to have a profound economic impact, capitalising on the burgeoning markets of Advanced Packaging, which is forecasted to reach US$78.6 billion by 2028, and Wide Bandgap Semiconductors, anticipated to grow to US$9.5 billion by 2031. The collaboration is expected to stimulate economic growth through the development of pioneering semiconductor technologies, while also creating high-value jobs across research, development, and manufacturing within the semiconductor sector. It aims to enhance the competitiveness of Malaysia and Southeast Asia in the global semiconductor landscape, attract foreign investment, and draw top-tier talent, thereby reinforcing Malaysia's reputation as a centre for semiconductor innovation and research.

Moreover, the partnership is likely to boost the export of semiconductor products and services, contributing positively to the trade balance. The forthcoming Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) among MIMOS, Xiamen University China, and Xiamen University Malaysia signifies the beginning of a transformative period in semiconductor technology innovation, poised to revolutionize both the academic and industrial landscapes.

H.E. Chang Lih Kang, Malaysias Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation stated at the MoU exchange ceremony, "We are witnessing not just the signing of a document but the forging of a future where innovation, industry, and academia converge. This partnership between MIMOS, Xiamen University China, and Xiamen University Malaysia is a testament to our commitment to being at the forefront of semiconductor technology. It promises to elevate our capabilities, catalyse economic growth, and position Malaysia as a global hub in high-tech research and development."

Prof. Dr. You Yancheng, Vice President of Xiamen University China said:

"We are very grateful for the strong support from both MOSTI Malaysia and MOST China for the close collaboration among Xiamen University China, Xiamen University Malaysia and MIMOS. Xiamen University cherishes this precious collaboration opportunity. Leveraging the strong research experience and outstanding talent team in the area microelectronics technology in the main campus in China and the unique bridging role of Xiamen University Malaysia, as well as MIMOS rich platform of science and innovation resources in Malaysia, we will provide our unwavering effort to jointly promote the in-depth collaboration in the research and innovation areas that both Malaysia and China attach great importance to."

Prof. Dr. Wang Hui-Qiong, Assistant President of Xiamen University Malaysia, added, "Xiamen University Malaysia is honored as the shining pearl of the Belt and Road Initiative. In this unique year that marks the 50th anniversity of diplomatic relations between Malaysia and China, we are excited to partner with MIMOS and our parent university in China to jointly promote the research and innovation development in the area of microelectronic technology and cultivate the related talents featuring culture diversity."

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