Build a Stable Home for the Rare Collections


Xiamen University Malaysia Campus (XMUM) Library, which was opened in May 2023, faces a unique challenge typical to Malaysia's climate: the constant threat of damage to its physical collections due to high temperatures and humidity. In response, the library hosted a seminar titled Conservation Methods and Technologies for Common Collections on March 12, 2024, aiming to address this issue.

Serving as an international exchange platform, the seminar attracted over 50 participants. Notable attendees included representatives from CNRO Science-Technology Co., Ltd. in Tianjin, China, as well as over 50 preservation workers from various Malaysian institutions.

During the seminar, Minister Zheng Nan, on be half of CNRO, donated an Energy-saving storage cabinet featuring constant humidity and cleanliness to the Library. This cabinet, a product of CNRO's cutting-edge technology, promises to provide a stable environment for preserving collections, even in Malaysia's challenging climate conditions.


The event also featured informative sessions led by CNRO lecturers, who shared insights into conservation methods and technologies. Additionally, Malaysian representatives provided practical experiences and challenges faced in preserving local cultural heritage, seeking advice from CNRO experts.


Emphasizing the importance of data-driven solutions, CNRO lecturers suggested preservation workers to conduct temperature and humidity assessments at their respective locations. They stressed that tailored preservation strategies could only be developed based on comprehensive data and considerations of economic feasibility.

As XMUM Library continues its commitment to safeguarding cultural heritage, collaborations with innovative companies like CNRO Science-Technology Co., Ltd. demonstrate a proactive approach to overcoming climate-related preservation challenges. With continued focus and collaboration, the library aims to ensure the long-term preservation of its invaluable collections for future generations.

(Contributed by Zhou Xiaonan, Wang Qing)

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