School of Energy and Chemical Engineering Celebrates Outstanding Academic Achievements of Students at SECE Award Ceremony


The School of Energy and Chemical Engineering (SECE) has held its Dean’s List, Final Year Project, and Capstone Project Award Ceremony for the 2022/09 semester on 18 April 2023to recognize the academic achievements of undergraduate students from the New Energy Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering programmes.

The award ceremony began with an opening speech from Prof. Chen Binghui, Dean of SECEcontinuing with the presentation of certificates to the Dean’s list, Final Year and Capstone Project award recipients. It concluded with a closing speech from Prof. Huang Nay Ming, Head of the Department of New Energy Science and Engineering.

Below are the testimonies from a few recipients:


Ee Zhi Yin, a final-year student from New Energy Science and Engineering programme, emphasized the importance of seeking resources: "I sought out resources like tutoring and study groups and learned to manage my time effectively. By doing so, I am able to learn faster and cope with stress.


Wong Khai Jie from Chemical Engineering programme named maintaining motivation as one of the biggest challenges she has faced: I often feel demotivated when the outcome is below my expectations. However, if the outcome does not have a substantial impact on the rest of your life, it may be best to accept it and move forward with a positive attitude. Think of the word at least, e.g. at least I have tried my best.


First-year NESE student Feng Kailun shared his experience in speaking to the public: The way I took was not to waste any opportunity to practice speaking on the stage. When the lecturer needed volunteers to come to the stage and share problem-solving ideas, I would force myself to share my ideas enthusiastically on the stage, although sometimes it attracted ridicule from others. In the club, if there is any opportunity to show my talent to the public, I actively participate without taking up too much time. My classmates all said that they couldn't see my nervousness when I did the final presentation.”


Danielle Abigail Clyde, a year-4 student from New Energy Science and Engineering programme, said Consistency is key: For me, consistently monitoring my activities allowed me time & space to breathe to complete my work by the deadline. Of course, there were times when I felt tired or lacked motivation. In those moments I just took a step back from my studies and enjoyed playing video games to reset.


Liow Jo-Ey, also from New Energy Science and Engineering programme, suggested her fellow students find their passion and never give up: "My advice is to find your passion for learning and never give up on any challenge as all achievements need dedication. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, because it is part of the learning process. Wishing everyone the best of luck!"

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