Two XMUM Academics Receive Private Education Excellence Awards 2022


Two academics from Xiamen University Malaysia - Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Swee Tiam and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ong Wee Jun - recently received the Private Education Excellence Awards 2022, honored as National Outstanding Researcher and National Outstanding Young Researcher, respectively. 

The ceremony was held on 24 November 2022 at M Resort & Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

An annual event held by the Private Education Cooperative of Malaysia (Educoop), this is the 7th year that Educoop organizes this event to recognize outstanding private educators from all private institutions in Malaysia under the categories of teaching, science, arts and design, engineering, research and innovation, and humanities.

This is the second that XMUM researchers have won the Private Education Excellence Awards. In 2019, Prof. Huang Nay Ming and Dr. Ong Wee Jun were named National Outstanding Researcher and National Outstanding Reviewer due to their research achievements. View the news article here: 

Dr. Tan Swee Tiam: National Outstanding Researcher Award

Dr. Tan Swee Tiam is an Associate Professor and the Assistant Dean at School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, Xiamen University Malaysia, as well as the Founding Director of Kelip-kelip! Center of Excellence for Light Enabling Technologies.

With more than 18 years of research experience in optoelectronic materials, devices, and physics, Dr. Tan Swee Tiam has successfully executed more than 10 large-scale research projects ( > US$ 40 million) and published over 111 journal publications with an h-index of 43. His scientific research work has generated a strong IP portfolio (> 30 international patents) and a spin-off company. He is a recipient of the Returning Expert Programme 2020 – TalentCorp Malaysia as well.

Dr. Ong Wee Jun: National Outstanding Young Researcher Award

Dr. Ong Wee Jun was awarded as the National Outstanding Young Researcher, an award typically presented to the early researcher under the age of 35. With distinguished records in the research of nanomaterials, graphene 2D nanostructures, photocatalysis, electrocatalysis and energy conversion, he currently serves as the Director of Center of Excellence for NaNo Energy & Catalysis Technology (CONNECT), Xiamen University Malaysia. He is also the Assistant Dean of the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering.

During the past several years, Dr. Ong Wee Jun has published over 120 publications and received over RM 6 million of internal and external research funding as the Principal Investigator. He is a recipient of Global Highly Cited Researcher in the “Cross-Field” category from 2019 to 2022 and 2019-2021 World’s Top 2% Scientist by Stanford University.


Dr. Tan Swee Tiam (left) and Dr. Ong Wee Jun (right) with their awards at the Private Education Excellence Awards 2022 ceremony

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