Meet Our New Faculty Members!丨Dr. Havid Aqoma Khoiruddin, a First-time Lecturer and his Dream



As a first-time lecturer, Dr. Havid Aqoma Khoiruddin from the School of Energy and Chemical Engineering describes his life at Xiamen University Malaysia as challenging and fun. 

"I have never taught students before," said Dr. Havid, "They are dynamic, creative and like to make friends with faculty - really part of the younger generation."

Born and raised in Pontianak, Indonesia, Dr. Havid received his PhD in Nano Chemistry from Kookmin University, South Korea, in 2019, and continued to work as a full-time researcher before joining XMUM in March 2022.

"It's a unique teaching experience here," Dr. Havid recalls his first semester as a faculty member. "Originally, I thought this job was just teaching, but in reality, after teaching there are a lot of issues that need to be discussed about students, to ensure teaching's quality."

He described his specific daily routine: "Until last semester, I was on campus from morning to night, sometimes until midnight, dealing with all the teaching issues. Every week I needed to prepare 50 to 60 slides of teaching material. That's quite a challenge."

Fortunately, his efforts paid off for his students. They chat with him, always contacting him via online chatting apps, talking about the subject and even asking him to join their mobile game.

"They are always open to a foreign lecturer," Dr. Havid said, "I found that there is not much of a barrier between me and them."

Dr. Havid's research focuses on high-quality quantum dots and solar cells. Quantum dots (QDs) are semiconductor particles with a few nanometers of size, and one of the central topics in nanotechnology. Using QDs as an absorbing photoactive material can improve solar cell efficiency and generate higher photovoltages or photocurrents.

"Solar cells are one of the best clean energies - they are renewable and environmentally friendly," Dr. Havid explained. "The use of solar cells in Malaysia is increasing. As climate change has reached a certain level, this may be the best way to save our lives and preserve the earth."

To better conduct his research, Dr. Havid has joined the research center under Dr. Tan Swee Tiam, the Assistant Dean of School Energy and Chemical Engineering. Though of different research areas, he enjoys the work environment and finds it very interesting to collaborate with other faculty.

"In my department, faculty members support each other. They help me - not only with ordering materials, but also with teaching by giving me tips on how to improve my teaching skills. I enjoy working in this department at XMUM."

Dr. Havid now lives near campus with his wife and three children and spends most of his free time taking care of his children. As a foreign lecturer, he describes Malaysia as a unique country.

"In Malaysia, the three major ethnic communities - Malays, Chinese and Indians – get along very well and influence each other in every way. For example, if you try Malaysian food, you will also find some spices from India. It's very different from what I am used to."

At the end, Dr. Havid talked about his career plan and dreams:

"My dream is to become a professor abroad, outside Indonesia, somewhere with more advanced technology and education. As a researcher or lecturer, I want to connect researchers between Indonesia and Malaysia to build collaborations which will lead to better research output. This is me, an Indonesian, in Malaysia."

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