School of Energy and Chemical Engineering Motivates Students Learning with Dean's List Award



85 undergraduate students from School of Energy and Chemical Engineering have been awarded the Dean’s List for the 2022/04 semester, with all achieved a GPA of 3.7 and fulfilled the requirements in terms of credit hours.

The award ceremony was held on 14 September 2022. Starting with an opening speech from Prof. Chen Binghui, Dean of School of Energy and Chemical Engineering, certificates were presented to the recipients of different intakes. The ceremony ended with a closing speech from Prof. Huang Nay Ming, Head of the Department of New Energy Science and Engineering.


Tee Meng Yang EGE1809739: "I feel honoured and lucky to be one of the recipients of the inaugural Dean’s List Award of our school right before my graduation. It was not an easy semester, as I just travelled back to the campus at about Week 5 to attend physical classes and carry out the lab work of my final year project. Therefore, I would like to thank my friends and family members for making it possible, and for the motivation they gave me. Also, special thanks to Dr. Abdul Khaliq Rasheed, Dr. Havid Aqoma Khoiruddin, Dr. Yee Kian Fei for their beneficial lectures last semester, Dr. Terri Lee for her supervision in my final year project, and all the other academic staff who have helped me throughout the entire semester. All this cannot be achieved without them. Finally, my advice for you is to do your best every single day and don’t give up on the challenges, because all the staff are always there to help you. Good luck and I hope all of you can receive as many Dean’s List Awards as you can in the upcoming semesters."


Yeow Teck Ann, CME2004034“This would not have been possible without the help from my lecturers who taught me very well in the past semester. Thus, I would like to extend my gratitude to them in this short testimony. Besides, I would like to thank my fellow teammates who have conquered all the assignments together with me. There would have been more sleepless nights and caffeine being consumed if I had not teamed up with them!”


Koh Hau Sern, CME1809723: “Congratulations to all the first batch recipients of the Dean’s List Awards! I am incredibly honoured to be one of them in my last undergraduate journey. Thanks to my admirable & supportive lecturers and lab officers who not only enlightened us with professional knowledge but also provided guidance and precious advice for every step of our journey. Not only that, huge support from my parents and friends has made my academic journey easy. I really enjoyed studying Chemical Engineering at XMUM as my learning experience has been fun and enriching, although sometimes it can be stressful due to the endless workload.

I have no secret about what I have achieved, just striving to do my best and being curious to learn something new. As a word of advice to current XMUMians, don’t be afraid to make mistakes & ask questions - keep trying and never think that it is too late to start.”

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