Discover Unearthed Axis, A Student Magazine Published by Department of Mathematics


Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (MAT) recently published their first volume of Unearthed Axis, a magazine by the students for the students. This magazine is run by MAT Student Council.

In this inaugural volume, Unearthed Axis invited seven students from various cultural backgrounds, to share their values and secrets to success.

Through these stories, the magazine intends to promote cross-cultural communication, which is in line with the belief of MAT Student Council that Diverse teams are smarter!.

The editorial team would like to express their appreciation to everyone who offered help in the process, especially to Prof. Teo Lee PengProf. Darren Ong Chung Lee, and the senior Ong Giap Siong from 2018/09 intake.

Click to download the magazine: Unearthed Axis  February 2022 Vol.01.pdf

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