Statue of Chen Jingrun at Xiamen University, China


The Department of Mathematics provides high quality education in the area of mathematics and applied mathematics for those who wish to pursue or further advance their careers in areas which requires advanced knowledge and skills of mathematical sciences. With a balance between theories and ed apply we are to Equip students with analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills which enable them to adapt to the ever-changing world. Besides the solid foundation laid by the core subjects, students can choose from a wide range of sub-disciplines to focus on in order to prepare themselves for various career paths. The department offers the following programs:

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Honours)

Master of Science in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics


The physics department at Xiamen University Malaysia was founded in 2020, under the lineage and guidance of Xiamen University. It offers a unique interdisciplinary educational experience that mirrors the best practices from leading universities around the world. magnetic materials, the photonics, and computational computing physics. Our programs are designed to meet the needs and aspirations of young graduates in adapting to the modern era of disruption by equipping f them with scientific knowledge, spirit of inquiry and passion work for study and . We provide international exposure and foster various collaboration net with the wider physics community from the east and west. The department offers the following programs:

Bachelor of Science in Physics (Honours)  |    Course Information

Master of Science (MSc) in Physics Program (in preparation)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Physics Program (in preparation)


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