Chemical Engineering


Our Division

Chemical Engineering Laboratory (CMEL) is located at Block A4 Level 3 and 5. The laboratory is divided into two (2) main divisions, namely teaching laboratory (A4 Level 3) and research laboratory (A4 Level 5). Teaching laboratory act as an instructional laboratory which serves as platform to demonstrate the engineering principles and theories by hands-on practical while research laboratory enables students to utilize the knowledge gained in the class or from books in executing an experiment not through the common instruction style.

Please contact the person in-charge or pay a visit to the laboratories for further assistance.

Our Laboratories

  • Process Control Laboratory (A4-301)

  • Fluid Mechanic Laboratory (A4-302)

  • Thermodynamic Laboratory (A4-304)

  • Reaction Engineering Laboratory (A4-305)

  • Unit Operation Laboratory 1 (A4-306)

  • Unit Operation Laboratory 2 (A4-307)

  • Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory (A4-315)

Laboratory Center

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