Marine Biotechnology


Our Division

Marine Biotechnology division consists of 3 staffs who supports administration, teaching and instrumentation services. This division comprises of 9 well equipped laboratories which supports teaching, research and analytical services.

Our Laboratories

Biology Laboratory 1, 2 & 3

Mainly for practical class. Teaching basic biology and other biology related courses such as Microbiology and Cell biology.

Microscopy Room

Visualizing specimens on a microscopic level. Students will practice the basic operation and maintenance of light microscope in this laboratory.

Microbiology Laboratory

Conduct incubation and fermentation experiments. Equipped with various bioreactors and incubators for wide range of research activities. 

Histology & Microscopy Laboratory

Conduct histology-based experiments. Equipped with fluorescence microscopes for wide range of applications. 

Molecular Laboratory

Mainly focuses on molecular biology researches. Equipped with thermal cyler and real-time PCR (q-PCR).

Cell Culture Laboratory

A specialized laboratory for animal cell culture, which includes culturing of mammalian cancer cells for bioassay screening and cell responses studies.

Freezer Room

Storage facility for microorganisms and cell lines. In this room, freeze dryer is equipped for sample drying as well. 

Autoclave Room

Sterilize samples and waste.

Aquaculture Room

A specialized laboratory aquaculture and mariculture of freshwater and seawater organisms.

Laboratory Center

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