Our Division

Chemistry Laboratory division consist of 5 staffs who supports administration, teaching and instrumentation services. This division comprise of 6 well equipped labs which supports Marine Biotechnology, Marine Environmental Chemistry, New Energy Science and Engineering and Chemical Engineering programme as well as research and analytical services.

Our Laboratories

General Chemistry Laboratory

This lab is equipped with basic chemistry equipment and apparatus to expose students to fundamentals of chemistry applications. Students get to learn basic concepts and familiarize with the basic operations of lab facilities.

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory

Analytical Chemistry Laboratory primarily focusses on daily applications analysis where students are required to solve problems in real case scenario. Students are introduced to more advance analytical equipment and have to apply their chemistry knowledge to solve related problems.

Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Organic Chemistry Laboratory is well equipped with basic organic chemistry equipment and apparatus. Students are able to comprehend concepts and basic skill in organic chemistry experiments including organic compound synthesis, separation and purification.

Spectroscopy Laboratory

Spectroscopy Laboratory is an instrument lab that comprise of spectroscopic instruments such as FTIR and UV-visible spectrophotometry. Functional groups of chemical compounds can be examined within desired wavelength or wavenumber. Different accessories are available to cater to different applications ranging from liquid, powder or thin films.

Elemental Analysis Laboratory

Elemental analysis lab mainly focuses on environmental analysis at their elemental form. In this lab, samples can be prepared using either microwave digester or block digestion system prior to instrumental analysis using FAAS, GFAAS, ICP-OES, TKN and TOC analyzer. Nutrients, heavy metals and carbon content can be analyzed at ppm and sub-ppb level.

Chromatography Laboratory

Chromatographic separations play important role in molecular isolations.  Samples of different chemical characteristics after proper pretreatment steps can be injected into columns and analyzed using different detectors.  In this lab, HPLC equipped with PDA and RI detector can be applied to thermally unstable compounds. GC-FID/TCD, GC-MS and GCxGC-QTOF are suitable for volatile substances.

Laboratory Center

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