XMUM Students Shine in China-ASEAN Online Program on Data Science & Big Data Analysis


Four students and one lecturer from XMUM have completed the “China-ASEAN Online Program on Data Science and Big Data Analysis” held from 7 September to 7 December 2020. Three of the XMUM student participants - Haw Hui Xing Elouise, Leong Vivian (both from Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Programme), Chan Jin Wee (New Energy Science and Engineering Programme) - obtained award of outstanding performance. 

Organized by Tianjin University (China), this project aimed to cultivate talents from ASEAN countries and other Asian countries in the fields of mathematics and big data, as well as promote mutual learning in mathematics and big data education. 

The program attracted 35 participants from ASEAN countries and countries along the Belt-and-Road, including 14 from Malaysia. Please find below the award info of the four student participants from XMUM:

During the 3-month project, participants took core courses on Data Science, Social Network Analysis, Python Basics and Big Data Statistical Analysis, and completed scientific research design and practical subjects.

“China-ASEAN Online Program on Data Science and Big Data Analysis” is a project sponsored by Tianjin University for Asian regional cooperation. Experienced academic tutors and professional personnel ensured the smooth operation of the program.

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