Business Mentoring Programme (BMP)



Become a “Leadership Fellow” by joining our Business Mentoring Programme


Through the Xiamen University Malaysia MBA Business Mentoring Programme (BMP), we hope to connect MBA students seeking practical knowledge with industry representatives from both the private and public sectors.


•  To promote knowledge sharing among mentors and mentees
•  To foster a positive relationship between industrial experts and the university
•  To facilitate the educational, social and personal development of mentees
•  To develop mentees’ full potential, vision and aspirations for the future
•  To enhance mentees’ professional and career development
• To ensure quality engagement through an effective and holistic programme structure that encourages openness, sincerity, and appreciation in mentoring interactions, thus creating a connected community of MBA mentorship

Mentors Profile

Bikesh Lakhmichand: pdf

Dang Tai Luk: pdf

Edward Leong: pdf

Joachim Sebastian: pdf

Kelvin Soo: pdf

Lyn Siew: pdf

Yeoh Chen Chow: pdf

Zeanne Gan: pdf

Ko Chuan Zhenpdf

Stephanie Looipdf

Datin Christine Bongpdf

How does the mentorship programme work?

The mentor and mentee would agree on the level of commitment, mode and frequency of interaction, as well as the preferred focus through the mentorship process. Each mentor is encouraged to take on one to three mentees during the same period. At least one face-to-face meeting per semester is highly recommended.

A Leadership Fellow's Role

The mentor, who will be appointed as a Leadership Fellow, will be referred to as a trusted counselor or guide.  Mentoring may include sharing of wisdom and experience, role modeling, networking, and exemplifying desirable traits like credibility, patience, dependable, and the willingness to manage knowledge.

 Fellows can contribute in the following areas:

•  provide support for mentees to manage new challenges
provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and role modeling
explore careers, set goals, develop contacts, and identify resources.

Responsibilities of MBA Mentee

•  Schedule and prepare for meetings with mentor
•  Take initiative to ensure tasks are completed and on time
•  Follow through commitments
•  Contribute ideas to development discussions with mentor
•  Be open to discussion about personal goals, strengths, and opportunities
•  Accept and act on feedback
•  Develop short- and long-term goals for the mentoring relationship
•  Learn and appreciate assistance and services offered by mentor
•  Take the lead in working towards a solid and productive relationship
•  Prepare reflection summary after each meeting

Value for MBA Mentees

MBA students will benefit from a deeper understanding of business practices, the development of a professional network as well as greater confidence in approaching the labor market, workplace or the business world upon completing their studies.

Value for Fellows

The fellows will be able to connect and engage with highly qualified prospective recruits and hence gain practical insights into the academic developments within the area of their expertise. The fellows will get the opportunity to work closely in a reputable university. 



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