In Mathematics Studies, Closer Ties Forged between XMU and XMUM


A delegation from School of Mathematical Sciences (SMS), Xiamen University (XMU) visited Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) in early October. Led by Prof. Tan Shaobin, Dean of SMS, the delegation included Prof. Wang Qing, Prof. Xiong Tao, Assoc. Prof. Yang Bo and Assistant Prof. Hu Jie, all of which are faculty members of SMS.

During the visit, a joint workshop on mathematics was held on 1 October, containing a series of short research talks by mathematics faculty members from both XMU and XMUM. The purpose of the workshop is to deepen the research ties between the parent university and the branch campus. The event was attended by faculty and students from XMUM Mathematics Programme.

On 2 October, Prof. Tan Shaobin gave an academic talk themed “Mathematics: Prospects Unlimited”. He elaborated on the history of XMU’s mathematics studies, as well as the critical role of mathematics education and research in the society. He emphasized on the importance of mathematics expertise in modern economy, and pointed out that there have been more and more career opportunities for young people who can master abstract mathematical concepts. He also expressed his hope to strengthen the tie between SMS and the Mathematics Department of XMUM. This speech was followed by a Q&A session, during which Prof. Tan and his colleagues from XMU communicated with XMUM mathematics students regarding their study and research.

This is the second time that representatives from SMS visited the Malaysia campus. In April 2019, a large contingent of faculty and students from XMUM Mathematics Department visited XMU for academic exchange and cooperation.

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