XMUM Students Excel in International Mathematics Competition


Students from Xiamen University Malaysia achieved outstanding results in the Simon-Marais Mathematics Competition held in Oct 2017 and XMUM ranked top among the participating Malaysia universities in the “Best Universities with an Eligible Grouping (by country)”.

Simon-Marais Mathematics Competition is an undergraduate mathematics competition for students from universities in the Asia-Pacific region, offering individual category and pairs category. This year, 459 students from 34 universities in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, etc. participated in the competition.

13 students from Xiamen University Malaysia entered the competition individually, while 9 pairs of students took part in pairs. Tay Jing Sheng from Traditional Chinese Medicine programme ended up in the top quartile in the single category and Xiamen University Malaysia ranked 8th among the best universities with an eligible grouping, excelling all other universities from Malaysia.

Though Xiamen University Malaysia does not provide mathematics programme, it is learned that the reason why non-mathematics majors are able to compete with mathematics majors from other universities in international mathematics competition of this kind is that the university emphasizes on solid mathematics curriculum.

It is also revealed that Xiamen University Malaysia is planning to offer an undergraduate programme in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics in the coming year to train more excellent mathematicians for the country. 

A picture of some of the participating students with their advisors Professor Dr Teo Lee Peng and Associate Professor Dr Darren Ong Chung Lee.

Student Tay Jing Sheng ended up in the top quarter in the single category.
Xiamen University Malaysia Campus

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