Recruitment Drive - September 2017

The evening of 27 September this year was a moment to be cherished, especially for the new batch of XMUM students who were ushered with a myriad of performances and promotions by the university’s clubs and societies.

Against a luxurious landscape, the pedantic pillars of Xiamen bustled with zest and cheer as students put away their books and assignments, and basked in music and dance for two good hours. The exuberant atmosphere was a departure from the tension and tedium of academic life, and almost instantly, one felt transported to an arena resounding with hope, youth and vitality.

Hosted by two animated emcees, the event kicked off with a splendid ensemble from the XMUM Orchestra Club which was followed by an engaging sketch titled “Rock Paper Scissors” performed by the Drama Club. Next, the Model Troupe from Performing Arts Club showcased a colourful traditional and modern fashion parade. In the background, a talented singer belted out popular renditions. More music came along with the Music Club giving a special band performance. This was spiced up with an upbeat tempo by the Cheerleading Club whose every move kept the audience in awe. 

A bold attempt to reminisce school days was next in line when the Model Troupe appeared with school-uniform themed outfits. They surely had a way to stir nostalgic sentiments in the teens who have once adorned these smart uniforms. It was a stunning display of creativity when they transformed mundane school uniforms into cool and avant garde pieces.

Following that scintillating showcase was a return to the classical where the Yanan Chinese Orchestra Club members played beautiful songs with the Chinese flute (Dizi), along with a duo of Erhu. Meanwhile, two artists from the Calligraphy Society crafted lovely Chinese calligraphy pieces, with music accompaniment from the Gu Zheng.

The slow and calm fusion of art and music made way for two hip-hop dances by the Performing Arts Club’s Dance Club and two dances by a female dance group. The vibrant tempo culminated with two songs by the Ukulele Club that heightened the mood and spirits for the evening. The event ended with a triumphant bang, a sheer rush of energy and power that so reflects the youthful passion of XMUM students.

While the performances highlight the best of human talents and ingenuity, they also inspire scores of young people on campus to be a part of the clubs and societies on campus. It was a night to be remembered, and a moment that encapsulates the spirit of university life. 

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