Counseling Service

Counselling Centre
The Counselling Centre values the diversity of all students and aims to promote mental well-being of our students in the University. We strive to meet the unique needs of each student who comes for counselling service irrespective of age, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, culture, religion, gender identity and sexual orientation.

What we do
The centre provides a private and safe platform for you to talk through any personal challenges or emotional concerns that you might have during your study life with our licensed counsellors. It is a process where your counsellor may help you to explore and understand the challenges, clarify the goal and explore your own resources to enhance your emotional resilience and coping mechanism when dealing with a challenge.

This free service ensures the confidentiality and privacy of all students.

Counselling Centre provides support for:
·         Adaptation
·         Study stress
·         Self-exploration
·         Anxiety
·         Depression
·         Grief and loss
·         Sexuality/Gender
·         Family
·         Boy-Girl relationship
·         Friendship
·         Career guidance

To make an appointment:
·      Fill out the online counselling form via:

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