A debate competition held by the Department of Chinese Studies

August 2,2017
By Yong Xin Ying and Fun Ai Phin, student reporters of XMUM Chinese Studies Programme
The Department of Chinese Studies (DCS), Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM), held an exciting debate competition in the lecture hall A4-G22 on 13 July 2017. This competition was organized by Dr. Liu Xiaofei, the lecturer for the subject Critical Thinking, and supported by the lecturers and students of the Department. The purpose of this competition was to improve students’ logical thinking and practice what they had learned in the class in an interesting way. The topic of the debate, derived from the recent news, is quite thought provoking - Should we show sympathy for the victims harmed by wild animals as a result of deliberately violating the safety regulations of the zoo?” Adopting the competition system of a popular TV show “Let’s Talk”, the debate is attended by Dr. Jin Xiaolong and Dr. Wang Xiaomei, the lecturers of the DCS, as the consultant of the affirmative team and the negative team respectively. 
After heated discussions, the affirmative had a narrow victory with slightly more votes in the finale than in the beginning. However, the performance of the negative team was also noteworthy as all the personal awards were won by the members of this team. The Wittiest Debater went to Zheng Zixin; the Best Debater, Yuan Zihao; and the Most Incisive Debater and the Most Vigorous Debater went to Yi Zongfan.
Substantially supported by the DCS, the contest attracted nearly 150 audiences, who were impressed by the performance of the debaters. Some audiences expressed their wish that more meaningful and interesting contests like this should be held as activities alike can help students gain a better understanding of the knowledge acquired in the classrooms and provide opportunities for students to practice what they learnt in the real life setting.