XMUM Students Won the First Prize in the International Chinese Proficiency Competition

July 26,2017
By Cao Jiaqi, Xu Suisui, student reporters of XMUM Chinese Studies Programme
Students of the Department of Chinese studies (DCS), Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM), won the first prize in the 2nd International Chinese Proficiency Competition (Singapore and Malaysia). This is the first time that XMUM students won an international award.
Organized by the Confucius Classroom (Crestar) Singapore, with the support from Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban), China, the competition was held in Singapore and Malaysia on 21 May, 2017. More than 500 Chinese language learners joined this competition, in which all papers were marked by experts from Hanban, China. Led by Dr. Wang Xiaomei, 20 students of the DCS, XMUM, took part in this competition at University of Malaya. With a maximum score of 300, the competition consists of three parts: listening, reading, and writing.
On 12 July, 2017, the result of the competition was released. XMUM won the first prize for the team award and seven students received individual prizes. Among them, Zheng Zixin and Wei Shuhan won the second prize, Yuan Zihao and Chew Lup Heng the third prize, Chen Yinzhen the excellence award and An Xinyi and Yi Zongfan the consolation award. The students received great support from XMUM, which included the arrangement of transportation and financial support for the top 10 students (out of 15 in total). The award ceremony will be held in Singapore in early 2018, when the students of the DCS will receive the awards on behalf of XMUM.
This competition not only tested the Chinese proficiency of the students, but also inspired their enthusiasm for learning. They showed their mastery of Chinese language, and brought honor to XMUM. Inheriting the tradition of XMU - “Strive for perfection”, the Department of Chinese Studies will continue to create opportunities and provide platforms for students to fully explore their talents.